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10 Top (Cosmetics) Makeup Brands in India

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by smartteddy, Nov 18, 2017.

  1. smartteddy

    smartteddy Administrator Staff Member

    Dec 10, 2016
    The makeup market is gradually flourishing in India and from the past couple of years it has grown tremendously. Makeup helps a women not only to look good by enhancing her feature but by raising her confidence and giving her a feel good factor. So, here I have compiled a list of best cosmetics /makeup brands in India. Some of the brands are affordable while some of them are high end brands. A best makeup brand is not only the one that is expensive but for some it can be a brand that is affordable by majority of female users out there in India. So let’s begins.

    1. L’Oreal Paris

    L’Oreal Paris is amongst the expensive drugstore brand where the lipstick ranges from 800- 1100 Rupees and somewhat similar is for the foundations. I like L’Oreal Paris lipsticks and gel liners a lot as they are good quality. They nail paints have different varieties like the regulars, top costs etc.
    2. MAC

    MAC is a high end brand where a regular lipstick can cost you around 1300 rupees and foundations can costs around 2700 + Rupees. Some of the MAC lipsticks are really popular and even the MAC fluid line is amongst the popular products. If you’re interested in getting some MAC eye makeup brushes then each one costs around 1000 Rupees.
    3. Revlon

    Revlon is another expensive drugstore makeup brand that makes everything that a makeup lover needs. I like their super lustrous lipstick range and their face primers are also good. You can try the lipsticks from Super lustrous range that will cost rupees 600 each.
    4. Lakme

    Lakme is an Indian Brand and has price range to cater everyone. The absolute range is expensive while the 9 to 5 range is very affordable. Lakme 9 to 5 matte lipsticks are very good for 400 bucks and their Enrich satin lipstick which they have finally changed the packaging is really good.
    • Best Lakme Products in India
    5. Maybelline
    Maybelline is a very affordable brand that caters to everyone like people on budget and for people who like quality and attractive classy packaging. Maybelline has so many lipstick range, eye shadows, foundations etc. I like all of their products and have literally used each and every products from Maybelline. Their nail paints, gel liner and mascaras are worth trying.
    Best Maybelline Products in India
    6. Colorbar

    Colorbar is another drugstore brand which is more or less similar to Maybelline when it comes to price point but recently they have started hiking their prices like crazy. I like their Velvet matte lipsticks and soft touch lipsticks. Their single eye shadows are worth trying and the face primer is also good for the oily skin.
    7. Faces Canada
    Faces Canada is also a quite affordable makeup brands in India. I like their lip glosses and nail paints. Their products are reasonably priced and have good quality.
    8. Oriflame

    Oriflame is a direct marketing makeup and skin care brand. Its sells products for makeup which are very affordable and mostly inexpensive though one or two range from their makeup line are also expensive. I like their mascara, blushes and compact powders. I like their Peach me perfect skin glow moisturiser which is one of their popular products that one can try.
    9. Avon

    Avon sells very affordable makeup products which are under the range called Simply Pretty. The compacts, nail paints, foundations are very inexpensive. I liked their kohls and lipsticks are worth trying.
    10. Lotus Herbals
    Lotus herbals have make up products like lipsticks, eyeshadow blushes kajal etc other than the skin care range and their huge range of sunscreens. I like their lipsticks and colored lip balm. Even the nail paints are very good. Read about the Best Lotus Herbals Products in India.

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