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New Ongoing Story – “Mithrasa(ki)hi…!!” – 1

Sri Kala

Budding Novelist :)

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14 thoughts on “New Ongoing Story – “Mithrasa(ki)hi…!!” – 1”

    1. Shri how r u, some people very close to heart by unknowingly, u r one, your heroine ‘s have independent character, have will power, have self respect, have dignity

  1. Hai mam.ur all novels are very superb.KNN was very very excellent. How nicely u written. Really i can’t express. From ur story manything we can take as a positive to lead our life most successful.anyway thank u mam for giving such a wonderful story.keep it up mam.

    1. Mam.i m not able to open mithrasakhi novel.plz send this novel.or give link.not at all opening this novel.all ur novels are very superb.

  2. Hi. Mam I am big fan of you mam Na unga ealla published novels um paduchutten mam pls give me a mithrasaki novel link mam plsssss

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