Vaa Naalai Naamaaga

“Vaa Naalai Naamaga…!!!” – full pdf

Sri Kala

Budding Novelist :)

18 thoughts on ““Vaa Naalai Naamaga…!!!” – full pdf”

    1. மஞ்சு… இங்கே இருக்கிற கூகுள் லிங்க் க்ளிக் பண்ணி போய் படிங்க…

  1. site oda appearance pleasant aa irukku mam. I have re-registered. fast aa vum irukku mam.all the best for your upcoming novels

  2. Hello sri, Happy to read your novels. All are very nice novels. I have one small request, I had read most of your novels but still this novels which given below is not read so kindly send this novels to my mail id. I am very grateful to you if you give this novels
    1. anbe un anbai thedi
    2. mathil oruthi vendum
    3. idayam idam mariyathe
    4. vemmai thira vaarayo
    5. pen saki
    6. nehizhienil enjam konde
    7. uraiyatho uyir kathalkanangal
    8. melugupavai ivalo

  3. hiii sri mam, i am new to this blog..but i have read ur many novels..i am big fan of urs…nowadays i am not getting any of ur novels…now can u please send me ur novel idayam idam mariyadhe and uraiyatho uyir kadhal kanangal…i am eagerly waiting for ur rly mam..thanks in advance

  4. Hai Sri mam.. I am new to ur blog… But I have read ur all novels.. I am ur silent fan and silent reader too.. Very superb mam… I am very happy to share my comments here

  5. Hi mam,
    I am new user of this blog. I am a fan to u and your novels. I am not able to read some ofyour on going stories in this site.can u please reopen that threads or sent me the links to my mail.And send the links of sapthamilla swarankal innisaiyai and mithrasaki also.
    Thanks mam.

  6. Hai mam i am new user. first of all ur novels are sooo good but i cant able to read some novel.i want to read thithikkum edhiri .so please give me the link

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